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The V.I.P. Club

We are only taking TEN V.I.P. business owners in 2019

We’ve spent all of 2018 developing the best strategies, practices, tips & tricks to support entrepreneurs in seeing their visions come to life and we’re so excited to take that knowledge and roll it all into one incredible year-long club.




We start the year with a two hour in person meeting or Zoom call if you are not local. During this call we dive into the nitty gritty of your business and create clear expectations and goals for our time together. This is a planning party of sorts and it’s so, so, FUN as well as productive! Within 10 days of our first meeting we will present you with a vision doc that outlines your 2019 plan! To make sure we stay on track, we recap & re-evaluate these goals each month at our 1 on 1 meeting so you’re able to look back with pride at all we accomplished as we stay on track together. Not only will we provide you with inspiration to reach your goals, but we will hold your hand as your year-long accountability partner.




We’re big connectors at Upspeak. We want you to feel like you have a fan club for your biggest business dreams and that you’re never alone in overcoming hurdles. In order to ensure this occurs, we offer 12 support calls (1 on 1) where you can voice feedback, ask questions, and collaborate with us in real time on the projects you’re working on as you tackle your goals. We are also available to you via email with a 48 hour response time throughout the entire year to answer your questions and lend support as needed. Think of us as you business besties. Have a question? We’ll find an answer. Need to run something by someone who “gets it”? That’s what we’re here for! Had a bad week and need to vent? Send us the email you really want to send someone else but probably shouldn’t. WE.ARE.HERE.FOR.YOU.




We are high-level planners, dreamers, and creative strategists. We want to see your business branded beautifully, offering consistent content to your dreamiest clients, and reaching your personal goals. Our goal is your success and success is different for everyone. That is why we will get really clear from the start regarding what your goals are for the year (emotionally, time-wise, financially, and more). We want to dive into your “why” AND your “how” so that you achieve the things you set out to achieve! You didn’t go into business to be mediocre and burnt out. You went into business to do what you love and do it excellently. Let us help you!


What’s included in being an Upspeak V.I.P.?

  • A 2 hour visioning session to start (in person or via Zoom or Skype if you’re not local) - approximate $300 value

  • A vision doc that outlines your goals for the year - approximate $250 value

  • A mood board that highlights your brand’s color palette, fonts, images, etc. to use as a brand filter to keep you consistent - approximate $250 value

  • One on one monthly clarity coaching calls for brainstorming, connecting, and accountability (option to have each call cover a different topic or theme) - approximate $1,800 value

  • Original content “packs” (12 ads at a time) to market your brand delivered 6 times per year (for your IG feed, stories, blog posts, newsletters, gifs, and copy support) - approximate $900 value

  • Three hour-long photoshoots (one every 4 months) - approximate $900 value

  • Support in upgrading/refreshing or creating a new website (copy, navigation, theme, images, & colors) - approximate $1,600 value

  • SIX hour-long tutorials on your chosen platforms (separate sessions): Planoly, Instagram, FB, Canva, Mailchimp, or Squarespace so you can rock these important business tools with confidence - approximate $900 value

  • An exit magazine that summarizes our time together, includes your goals, your accomplishments, you mood board, your 2020 goals, and offers tips & tricks to support you in moving forward - approximate $450 value

  • Access to a private FB group with only the other 9 V.I.P. members for questions, sharing, and support - priceless

  • Six group calls - one every other month (where all 10 V.I.P. members come together for an hour call!) - approximate $600 value

  • A business bestie for emotional support and professional advice all.year.long - priceless

Approximate value of a full year’s membership in The V.I.P. Club: $7,950

ACTUAL COST: $6,000 in 12 payments of $500 or $5,500 if paid in full up front


biz besties

The Small Print:

+ all V.I.P.’s must schedule their initial 2 hour consult call within the first two weeks of January

+ the V.I.P. club runs from January 1st to December 31st of 2018

+ all V.I.P participants will sign a Scope of Work contract once they are accepted into the program agreeing to the payment and terms

+ in addition to the deliverables listed above, the main goal of this program is offering you emotional support and advice regarding your small business

+ your 1 on 1 monthly clarity calls can happen at your convenience together with Meg’s schedule and can be via Skype if you prefer

+ those who are local to Northeast Ohio can opt to have their monthly clarity calls in person on the east side of Cleveland in a coffee shop

+ if you are on a payment plan then you are responsible to pay each of your monthly installments by the 1st of each month (a $500 deposit is due upon acceptance to reserve your spot and covers the January fee) - the remaining $500 payments must be made on or before February 1st, March 1st, April 1st, May 1st, June 1st, July 1st, August 1st, September 1t, October 1st, November 1st, and December 1st

+ paying for the program up front results in a $500 discount for the year which brings the total to $5,500 instead of $6,000

+ there are no exchanges or refunds - exiting the program early will result in a $500 fee plus payment for the month when notice is given

+ if you live out of state we can’t do your three photoshoots so you can choose anything off our a là cart menu instead (up to a $900 value) - this is ONLY applicable to those living out of state