V.I.P 2.0

+ 3 months | 90 days

+ game-changing business tools

+ the approach that took Meg from $200 in a month to $18,000

+ one on one coaching weekly for 12 weeks with an Upspeak Guide

the business club of your dreams INCLUDES:

+ a game-changing program workbook with weekly homework & deep dive assignments to begin or transform an existing business

+ 12 week program with one on one coaching from an Upspeak guide (via Zoom or in person upon request)

+ Access to a private FB group with only other V.I.P. level members

program begins July 1, 2019 | Sessions offered seasonally


+ Find answers to all things V.I.P Below

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Have questions?

+ Who is this program for?

+Women who are serious about starting or upleveling their existing business

+Those who are willing to dedicate 10-40 hours a week focused on their business growth

+Those who are tired of feeling overwhelmed

+Those who are lacking in efficiency and tools to get where they are going

+Those who feel like they’re all over the place in terms of marketing and branding and need guidance

+Those who are not making their monthly sales goals

+Those who feel they are successful at what they are doing but they need help identifying their blind spots to take them to the next level as a leader

+Those who are open to consistent feedback for the purpose of development

+Those who know they don’t have all the answers (no one does) but are looking for tools they don’t yet have

+Those who want a brainstorming partner

+Those who want an empathetic listener

+Those who are looking for an accountability partner

+Those who feel unsure about their sales pitch

+Those who are lacking in a feeling of legitimacy and are ready to step into their power

+Those who want to replace their day job income

+Those who want to have control over their schedule

+Those who want to work smarter not harder

+Those who want to curate the job/ business of their dreams

+For those who are making $0 & for those who are making $10,000 a month.

+For those who are working on their own for those who have a team

+For those who are sick of their own bullshit that keeps getting in the way

Lack > Dream

Add ons 20% off - exclusive VIP code to use on Upspeak services to use within the 90 days If you are interested in things like:

  • new or updated logo
  • refreshed business cards or letterpress
  • new or updated website
  • brand photo sessions

Think of us at the architects to help you create a plan for your dream job

+ Who is the program NOT for?

+Those who feel they already have the answers

+Those who love their job

+Those who are living into their full potential

+Those who struggle to receive feedback

+Those who have already hired multiple coaches and don’t believe they have received value for those services

+Those who are not willing to invest the time and money necessary to get to the next level

+Those who believe The Upspeak Collective has all of the answers

+Those who believe The Upspeak Collective is going to do the work for them

+Those who struggle to take personal responsibility

+ What will we cover in the program?

  • goals for the year

  • support in "next level" thinking

  • coaching around intuitive sales

  • perfect your pitch

  • practice social sales

  • create packages/services you believe in

  • price yourself to flourish

    + What is the investment?


+ Do you offer payment plans?

Yes we do!

  • the program can be paid in two installments of $2,250 over the 90 days
  • the program can be paid in three installments of $1,500 over the 90 days

Note: you save money by paying the $4,000 up dront

+ When are the sessions?

2019 Summer Sesh:

  • July, Aug, Sept

2019 Fall Sesh:

  • Oct, Nov, Dec

2019 Winter Sesh:

  • Jan, Feb, March

+ Do we receive discounts on other Upspeak services?

You are VIP - of course you do! You should check out our V.I.P + program- or enjoy 20% off all services.

+ Want to know more?

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