The Uplift Web Course

The Uplift Web Course

  • Launches in January of 2019

  • Runs for 4 weeks

  • Weekly coursework and Zoom calls

  • Focuses on getting started with your own business or uplifting your existing one

  • Private FB group access for connection with other like-minded individuals

  • Tons of practical advise and time for questions every week!

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This course is for you if:

+ You have a business dream but don't know where to start!

+ You have an existing business but it's currently part-time and you have another full-time job

+ You have an existing business that is full-time but not performing in the ways you would like

+ You want to better understand what it would look like to work for yourself 

+ You often feel a sense of overwhelm and could use support with organization, structure, and efficiency

+ You are not sure how to name or price your services

+ Social media overwhelms you

+ You could use some writing tips and tricks for blogs & newsletters

+ You need to talk it out with someone who's "been there and done that" in the small business world

+ You are looking to connect with others who are in the same boat as you are

+ You are tired of a boring 9-5 and want to start dreaming bigger!

This course may NOT be for you if:

+ None of the above apply to you

+ You have most things about your career and business under control

+ You've been in business for more than 3-5 years and are feeling generally good about it all

+ You're making what you want to be making from your business

+ You have a network of more than 5,000 IG followers and/or 5,000 people on your newsletter list and your sales efforts typically result in conversions

+ You have a team of more than 3 full-time staff members who are nailing it for you consistently and you are living the dream boss life

+ You have taken a zillion online courses already on business/marketing/tips & tricks, etc. and you don't find them useful

+ You are kind of an "eye roll" when it comes to the basics ("DUH, I already understand the power of "the list", the usefulness of tools like Canva, and I have a boatload of original images & written content... I don't need help with the ABC's of business")


*The date is not set yet, but this course will begin in January of 2019

*The calls will be on Monday nights from 8-9pm

*This entire course will take place online

*It will last for approximately 4 weeks

*It includes admission to a private FB group

*We will have weekly calls in addition to the coursework