20 Transformed Women in 2020!

When? January, 2020

+ Early bird pricing until September 1st is 20% off the full up front payment or 4 installments (your pick) with the code: PARTY

How Much: four payments of $1,375 ($5,500 total) *without early bird


$5,000 up front *without early bird

How many spots are available? 20!

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What’s included in this 12 week mastermind?

+ The full 12 week Profit Party Program (pdf’s, homework assignments, weekly mantras, projects, & more!)

+ Weekly live Zoom calls (every Monday at noon EST) & assigned weekly profit projects - 12 total

+ Weekly one on one coaching calls (60 minutes) with an Upspeak Profit Coach to connect the work to your individual business - 12 total

+ Access to a private FB group

+ Deep Dive retreat weekend! Friday night - Sunday afternoon (February 7th-9th) in Northeast Ohio - location TBD - hotel for Friday and Saturday night included as well as breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Travel & dinner separate.

Who’s it for?

+ The Profit Party Mastermind is for service-based female entrepreneurs who want their business to generate six figures in 2020
+ Women who fit the above description AND are open to feedback, excited to learn, and passionate about doing the work!

+ Women who are committed to learning new ways to market and sell their services & learn new skills that may feel uncomfortable at first (such as embracing new technology or speaking in front of people).

+ Women who believe they can generate six figures through their business within 12-24 months.

+ Women who work full-time for their business.

+ Women who have a passion and a skill that they want to commit to full-time and grow!

Who’s it not for?

+ Those who have a product-based business only (no services).

+ Those who have done coaching programs and masterminds in the past and “didn’t learn anything” or had issues with it.

+ Those who are looking for a quick and easy fix to their business struggle without taking personal responsibility and getting into radical and immediate messy action.

+ Those who do not yet have a business and or who have never sold anything within their business.

+ Those who have another job outside of their business. If you are not working for your business full-time yet then this program isn’t for you.

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What can I expect?

You can expect to make more money quickly if you do the work!

  • Increased organization and efficiency within your existing systems as well as new & better ones!

  • Clear financial goals for the following year (month by month!)

  • Auditing of all of your systems & platforms (including your social feeds & website) so they get you optimal results

  • A clear understanding of your current dreamiest, dream client (they may not be who you think!)

  • Clearly laid out services/programs with pricing that helps you meet your goals

  • Support in up-leveling your copy

  • Ongoing feedback on how you can improve in EVERY realm of you business

  • Connections with other like-minded badass entrepreneurs

  • “Aha” game-changing moments!

  • A clear understanding of your superpower

  • A perfect pitch, elevator speech, and mission statement

  • Increased comfort in your sales strategy (and how to talk about it with others!)

  • Less confusion around who you are, what you do, and what’s next

  • The tools to create increased sales over the following 12 months IF you apply the transformations consistently

  • Marketing tips & tricks

  • Increased confidence & a sense of validation in what you do & how you can impact the world

  • A clear plan to help you generate six figures fast

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