the upspeak collective





Has Your Back

"Meg comes in with a very positive and confident approach and this then becomes instilled in the client. She makes you believe in yourself and your value and she gives you the necessary push forward but still has your back. The most memorable thing Meg did for me is give me confidence during a time when I felt like giving up. She believes that I have great value through my work and I need to project that and be paid accordingly."

- Beverly Roberts Singh | Owner, Atma Center | Consulting Client



Outside The Box

"Meg led a workshop that I attended. She was no nonsense and got straight to the point. That's what I love about her. If you are looking for someone to help you think outside the box, she is the person to go to."

- Jeniece Jones | Nail Artist, Stella & Shay | Workshop Attendee




"Meg is excellent at getting sh*t done. She is also accessible in ways that other folks in similar positions are not. She is 100% human and shows us that you can be you, even while building a career and being a boss. Instead of renouncing femininity in leadership as a weakness, she embraces it as a strength. She makes me feel like my plain old self is important and valuable."

- Tessa Greene | Creative Collaborator, The Upspeak Collective | Workshop Attendee



No Fluff

"I've known Meg for 9 years. She coaches me to get out of my limited way of thinking. She creates possibilities and backs them up with a plan. Her superpower is assessment. She has the ability to assess a business, idea, person, or situation so she can support you in generating a different result. There's a lack of fluff in how she coaches. Everything you get from Meg is rooted in experience. After I've spent time with her, I feel energized, encouraged, and fearless."

- Kristen Shick | lululemon Store Manager & Yoga Teacher | Website & Consulting Client



True Value

"Meg did a photo shoot with me for my new book by Harper Collins. She was creative and personable and she left me feeling like I received true value from the service. In addition, she inflated my dreams with encouragement."

- Steve Witt | Pastor & Author | Website Client



Willing To Help

"Meg greatly helped me establish a social media presence for my business. She helped me learn how to pick up where she left off and never made me feel like I was asking a dumb question. She knows what you need if you don't and is willing to help you with anything. She's an amazing photographer and after I've spent time with her I feel relieved, refreshed, inspired and motivated! Meg believes I can be successful and reach any goal that I set."

- Heather Stalnaker | Agnes & Dora Rep | Consulting Client