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About Meg.

For my 36th birthday I wanted one thing: to gather a bunch of women together with champagne and blow up floaties and head to the river. So that’s exactly what we did! I think that pretty much sums up my approach to business and community in general. Gather people together and have fun.

My passion in life is uplifting others so they can do what they were born to do in this world with greater ease and joy. I don’t believe life has to be a constant hustle. I believe in working hard and resting with intention.

My background is in retail management and I have a degree in business. I love to take photos, create written content, and teach people how to sell their products and services authentically. The Upspeak Collective was born in December of 2017 and it has grown beyond my wildest dreams this first year. I am devoted to seeing where it goes next and I’m hanging on for the ride!


About Upspeak.

Very simply, Upspeak is owned and run by Meg Witt who is a small business consultant along with a team of independent contractors. We support small business owners & those who are ready to launch.

We currently offer:

  • coaching calls

  • photoshoots for original content for social media, websites, and marketing

  • Squarespace websites (refresh existing ones or creating new ones entirely)

  • workshops/retreats

  • tutorials on commonly used platforms such as Canva & Mailchimp

  • online classes

  • logo design

  • marketing materials for social media

  • copy creation and editing


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