About meg.

I started Upspeak because I wanted to help small business owners make their dreams come true. Specifically, I wanted to support them in making their brands more beautiful and more profitable quickly. When I started the business I had a full-time job so I was only able to dedicate between 10-20 hours a week to growing it. Within 3 short months, however, I had replaced my day job income with my side gig. As a result, I put in my notice to focus fully on my company. That was in April of 2018. My first month as a full-time business owner I made more money in a month then I had ever made in one month in the entirety of my career until that point. I ended the year this past December (of 2018) by more than tripling that number.

Although I do think there's a little unexplainable magic in anything wonderful, I also know there are things I've done with intention that have led me to this place. At my one year anniversary I could proudly say that my business was profitable, debt free, and employing 3 independent contractors. I didn't have investors. I didn't take out a loan. I didn't use a credit card! I'm super proud of these achievements and I believe I can teach you how to create that same kind of fast success in your own small business.

My degree is in Organizational Management and I have over 15 years of experience in management positions with a special love for retail. I’m a photographer. I’m a certified yoga teacher. I’m a feminist. I’m a mother.

I share these things with you so you can get a clear picture of who I am and what motivates me. I’m a hard and fast worker and I’m driven intuitively to connect with my clients beyond the surface level. Sometimes the things that hold us back are not obvious at first. We have to dig a little to get to the gold & I’m committed to doing that with you this year.




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