The 30 Day Challenge!


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I know it’s tough to finish the year strong when there are so many holidays, so much distraction, so much cold (!!!), and an excitement for the new year! I feel that too so I thought I would send a call out to my fellow boss babes and band together like the force of nature we are to end the year strong. Are you in? The official challenge dates are December 1st-30th and include things like 1) creating 3 big goals connected to numbers (newsletter signups, financial goals, etc) and 2) posting EVERY DAY with intention on social media using the hashtag and 3) listening to the Goal Digger podcast! Here’s the sweet part: in addition to tackling our year-end goals together, EVERYONE who participates in the challenge fully will receive either a 30 minute photoshoot OR 75 minute coaching call to be used in January or February of 2019!!! So I have one question for you, lady: ARE YOU IN???

Grab the full set of rules & join the challenge here:

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