What Is Upspeak?

The Upspeak Collective is owned by Megan Witt of Shaker Heights, Ohio. Meg has a degree in Organizational Management from Malone University and is a 200 Hour certified power vinyasa yoga teacher. After over 15 years in various management roles with both corporate and small business organizations, Meg finally decided to take the leap and start her own business. Upspeak offers business coaching to small business owners and dreamers (those looking to start something new) as well as websites and branded photography. The Upspeak team includes various independent contractors who contribute their talents to support the mission of uplifting entrepreneurs.

What does upspeak mean?

Upspeak references a way of speaking that is typically attributed to young women where a statement is spoken like a question (slight up-lilt at the end of a sentence). This type of speaking, along with vocal fry, is often looked upon negatively and generally considered to be unprofessional. It is the opinion of The Upspeak Collective that women should use their voice in whatever ways they choose and that professionalism exists within a wide spectrum. Just because certain ways of speaking have historically been considered professional (deep, slow, loud and male voices for instance) does not mean that definition can’t change as we evolve together. Meg thus decided to turn “Upspeak” into a positive, feminist term and use it to describe women’s unapologetic voices within the small business community. Because of this idea, The Upspeak Collective was born. At Upspeak you have a voice and it can sound however you like. In addition, any word that includes “up” has so much possibility!


Do i have to live in ohio to work with upspeak?

Not at all! We work with clients all over. Most of our services (with the exception of photography) can take place easily over the phone or via Skype.

Can I work with Upspeak if I don’t yet have a small business?

Absolutely! We can help you discover your passion and turn it into a dream job. You don’t need to have it all figured out to work with us. Partnering with Upspeak is a great way to create goals and learn how to make them come alive.

What does Upspeak offer?

We offer Squarespace website packages, brand photography, and coaching (one on one as well as in groups and online).

  • Websites ($2,200)

  • Brand Photography ($150-$900)

  • Coaching Calls ($150) In Person ($250)

  • Coaching Programs ($99-$10,000)

What makes upspeak Different than other similar brands/services?

We are not life coaches. We offer tangible, practical, business support. In addition to coaching you towards your wildest business dreams, we also offer you support in the form of beautiful, branded websites and photography to sell your product or service. Our coaching and products are sales oriented. We want you to make money doing what you love.