Hi, I’m Meg! The one on the right.

I am the creator & owner of the upspeak collective.

I started my business with around a $600 investment (website, llc, professional images) last December and within 3 months I resigned from my full-time day job because I knew I could support myself with my business. Upspeak had replaced my income and I was only putting 10-20 hours a week into it at nights and on the week-ends. I believed that I could double my success if I dedicated my full-time efforts to growing it. Sure enough, my first month as a full-time business owner I made more than I ever had in one month in the entirety of my career. I was only half shocked. Half of me knew I was doing what I was meant to do! What a fulfilling and encouraging feeling. I was hooked!

I know the grind of pursing your passion just like every other business owner. There are times when I feel like it’s a 24/7 commitment and quite a few times I’ve considered wrapping it all up and going back to slinging coffee. I’m saying this because I want to demystify the process of growing your small business and also to let you know that you don’t HAVE to hate life and work your ass off for years and years before you turn a profit! Let us show you how.

Are you in, my love? I’ll put the kettle on. You bring your laptop.