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Welcome to The Upspeak Collective!

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My name is Meg

and working with small business owners who want to grow is my specialty. Let me help you fall in love with your life and your job once again. I know how it goes. You dream and invest and work your a** off and the results just aren’t what you hoped they would be. Maybe you aren’t making enough money or maybe you’re just plain over-worked. Either way, something is not working and it’s my goal to help get you back on track and taking bubble baths again with a cup of tea in hand. You went into business for yourself for the freedom and you’re not sure where that freedom went. Let’s find it!

I have a degree in Organizational Management and many years under my belt supporting other small business owners as they ran after their passions. In addition, I was a yoga teacher off and on for 8 years and I do believe that has deeply affected my coaching style by increasing my empathy and listening skills as well as creating in me a laser sharp focus on love above all else.

The Upspeak Collective is run by myself and a small team of independent contractors. I started Upspeak in December of 2017 and it is by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I replaced my day job income in just a few months with Upspeak as my side gig and then took the leap to full-time business owner. My first month full-time I grossed more money then I had ever grossed in one month in the entirety of my career and the following month I beat the prior month. Six months later, I doubled that number.

Part of me feels like it’s magic. Maybe I’ve just been lucky. Another part of me knows that I’ve set myself up for this success with my hard work, strategy, and passion and I want to help you do the exact same thing just as I have with all of the incredible clients I’ve had the honor of supporting in 2018. Read their testimonials below and on my testimonial page.

Sign up for one of my coaching calls and we’ll get started together! xo

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