+ business friends - 30 days | 10 hours $850

+ business besties - 60 days | 30 hours $2,400

+ business partners - 90 days | 60 hours $4,800


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Why Upspeak?

Meg goes all in. She offers unconditional support and an unwavering willingness to help make shit happen in your business. Meg and her team are professional yet you feel immediately connected to them as if you are sharing your wildest dreams with your closest friends. I went from uncertainty to clarity, doubt to full fledged faith and finally feel like I am up-leveling in my business.

I was most definitely hesitant before I began, but then Meg dove right in and helped me turn my dream of running retreats into a sold out offering within a matter of a week and a half. That’s the kind of supportive team magic she is conjuring up with Upspeak. I am really grateful to align myself with a badass business I believe in.
— Katie Kurtz | Soul Connect Movement | Consulting & Photography Client

“Meg redesigned my website, has helped me with marketing, is my number one editor, and is the first person I call when I have a question about my business. Meg is one of the best things I have done for myself and my business in the last 18 years.”

- Diana Vitantonio | Breathless Yoga