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Hi! I'm Meg!

Welcome to The Upspeak Collective. My passion is elevating your dreams from "someday" possibilities and an overwhelming task list to clear and simple action steps you can put into play NOW. Over 15 years in leadership roles, a yoga teacher certification, and a degree in Organizational Management have given me a consulting style that is compassionate, personable AND practical. I don't believe in fluff. I believe in tips & tricks that WORK. Let me help you jump the hurdle that is keeping you from embracing your dreams. I'll show you a few of the things I did that replaced my day job income in 3 short months while only working on my business 10-15 hours a week! In addition, during my first month as a full-time business owner I made more money then I had ever made in a single month prior! It's easier to get started then you think. I promise.









Meg has the unique ability to really see people and to understand their vision and gifts maybe better than they can see it themselves sometimes. Her superpower is helping people realize that the life they live is 100% up to them. She is somehow able to awaken the spark in people by reminding them that doing what lights you up in the world is what matters.”
— Abra Said, She Said Celebrate
Meg redesigned my website, has helped me with marketing, is my number one editor, and is the first person I call when I have a question about my business. Meg is one of the best things I have done for myself and my business in the last 18 years.
— - Diana Vitantonio, Breathless Yoga
I’ve known Meg for 9 years and she has supported me in all facets of my career from multiple photo shoots to building my website and offering me consulting on social media. She is my “go to” girl for all things business. Meg makes Sh*t happen & she makes me feel like a rockstar.
— Amy Schneider, The Dance Party
Meg is the cheerleader you’ve been wishing you had in your corner. She takes the impossible list of to-dos and reasons why it all won’t work and turns it into an organized, strategic game plan that feels attainable, manageable, and exciting.
— Em Keen, yoga teacher


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