from dreams to dollars!


Where do I begin?

Ever wonder, how do I turn my dreams into Dollars? We all have something we’re passionate about but it’s really tough to know where to start in turning that passion into profits. Let me help!


Hey there, I’m Meg.

Just a tiny bit OCD and a LOT devoted to the empowerment of women, I started Upspeak so I could wear denim every day and hang out in coffee shops whenever I want! In order to do that I needed for the business to be successful so I got to work figuring out how to turn my passion into profits… FAST. I went from $280 my first month in business to over $18,000 just 12 months later and then entered the following year with consistent 5 figure months and a team of independent contractors supporting every area of the business. I have a degree in Organizational Management but, like many degrees, it wasn’t the thing that gave me the bulk of my experience. LIFE has given me that! I’ve spent the majority of my career in management roles & supporting other businesses as they grow. Now I do it for female entrepreneurs who want to turn their dreams into reality. Let’s get a cappuccino, pull out our laptops, and make this business thing FUN! Are you ready??? I can help you turn your passion into profits FAST.


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